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About Slovakia | 4seasons

About Slovakia | 4seasons

The Slovak Republic is a central European country and it is often referred to the "country at the heart of Europe." It is a modern country mixed with a deep rural tradition with breathtaking nature, historical towns and remarkable cultural events. Geographically, Slovakia is primarily a mountainous country with continental European climate which means moderate winters and warm summers. Most infrastructure and many of the tourist facilities are on west European standards. In 2004 the country became a member of the European Union.

Tourism in Slovakia has been developing rapidly in recent years thanks to new hotels, restored historical sights, improved services, a wealth of opportunities for recreational tourism in numerous ski resorts, spas and nature reserves. The country is attracting growing interest as a city-break destination (Bratislava) also due to the availability of low-cost flights by the airline SkyEurope. River traffic grew as a result of the popularity of river cruises and ferry services connecting the three central European capitals Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. Slovakia's tourist attractions benefit from sightseeing tours including romantic castles and historic sites, excursions combining wine tasting in Slovak and neighbouring Austrian villages. The most visited places include the national parks such as the Low and High Tatras and the fast developing amusement parks and aqua parks. If you look for a new destination Slovakia has definitely a lot to offer at reasonable rates.

Population: 5 million
Nationalities: Slovak (85%), Hungarian (10%), Romany, Czech, Ruthenian, Ukrainian , German and Polish
Religion: Roman-Catholic (60%), Protestant (6%), Greek-Catholic, Reformist, Orthodox, without confession (10%)
Capital: Bratislava
Bordering countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, The Ukraine
Government type: parliamentary democracy
Monetary unit: Euro (€)


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Beauties of Slovakia:

Museum of the Orava village in Zuberec
Museum of the Orava village in Zuberec
The Outdoor Museum of Mining in Banská Štiavnica
The Outdoor Museum of Mining in Banská Štiavnica

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